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Blerina is one of a kind.


Her gentle, soothing demeanor puts your mind at ease instantly and calmness washed over me from the beginning of our session together. Her uplifting spirit is delightful and she is a natural teacher and leader. The way she guides you thru your emotions and process was enchanting and I felt very present and in touch with my heart and emotions during our time together. I am very excited to do another session and dive deeper into my mindful journey, would give my experience a 10 out of 10!


Your light in contagious, keep sharing and shining your beautiful heart!


My dear Bleriiii, you are truly an inspiration! The energy and the positivity that you transmit to your students during Yoga it’s priceless!!! Thank you for inspiring me to start doing Yoga this summer... Which has been a great joy, especially in these corona times. So much love for you, beautiful soul!


E ki nje aftesi magjike me depertu ne shpirtin e njerezve edhe me bo ndryshime pozitive te ta. Perveq qe fizikisht po nihna ma mire, ma fleksibile, ma e relaksume, shpirterisht po nihna hala ma mire, sa here qe po kam doza te ankthit (ma te vogla se ato qe i kom pas ma heret) po mendoj qe e kam nje vend ku muj me u qetesu. Po hy ne klasen tende e mbushur me tension, e po dal prej klases komplet me nje qetesi shpirterore e fizike. Dita kur po baj Yoga eshte dita qe e kam gjumin ma te qetin gjate gjithe javes.

Po e krahasoj vetin me kohen kur ja kom nise, nje trup komplet i shtrengum, tash teper ma lehte po i baj pozat, besoj qe ka me shku veq tu u permiresu gjithçka.  Çysh e ke pa edhe vet une i kam kogjo do kg ma teper se qe duhet, a me beson qe e vetmja arsyje pse po du me kan ne peshen tem normale eshte qe me mujt me praktiku ma shume çdo poze te Joges, po jo me dieta te trenta, step by step on a healthy way.


E vleresoj shume shume shume pranine tande ne jeten tem, besom qe ka kohe qe po te pres :), nuk je veq mesuesja jem e Joges por edhe Psikologja jem, A s'eshte rroli i Psikologve m'i qetesu njerezit qe kan trazime shpirterore ? Eh, you're doing the same, I feel like I'm into a healing process.


Ajo qe kisha dasht me shtu edhe pak ndoshta kish me qene here pas here me pas meditim ma shume.


Me ke dhane shume motiv per gjithçka : me jetu shendetshem, me nxite mendimin pozitiv, me dasht ma shume vetin, me mendu per trupin tem.


Faleminderit per gjithçka Blerina,

Me shume dashuri,




Një eksperiencë e jashtëzakonshme!Blerina shumë e kujdesshme dhe profesionale .Ju sugjeroj të gjithëve sepse me të vërtetë ishte një ndjenjë e paharrueshme! Blerina me energjinë e saj e bën këtë përvojë edhe më të veçantë.


In order to experience your zoom class at its best you’ll need to think about the following:

  1. Make sure you download zoom.us so that you can login in to the class.
    You want to look at downloading Zoom Client for Meetings (for computer) or one of the Zoom Mobile Apps (for phone or tablet).

  2. What device are you going to use to view the class? Is it big enough to see the instructor, if not you can think about streaming it to your TV if possible or logging in on a laptop.

  3. The class audio and music will only sound as good as the device on which its being played so its worth connecting it to a music system if possible. It will be fine if you can’t do that, its just a good way to get optimum audio quality. If you’re logging into online yoga nidra as there is relatively little to no movement in the class you could connect using your head phones which will provide a lovely sound.

  4. Create the right environment by dimming lights, making sure you have any props to hand and shutting yourself in a quiet area of your home

  5. Make sure you have a warm jumper or blanket to hand for the cool down segment of each online yoga class.

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Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER:+38349567727

EMAIL: blerinalivoreka20@gmail.com


About Blerina

 Blerina is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga teacher RYT200 from Ananda Yoga Detox Center in Thailand, a programme created by Johnny Nasello. She also did a 5 day ™ Meditation Training with Guru Dinesh Achayra Mishrai, in Kosovo. She is currently educating herself further with  +30 hour course for yoga teachers Learn Pranayama Online with Johnny Nasello. She teaches Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Guided Meditation.


Through her Journey of Yoga, she teaches students to find their purpose through yoga and their inner voice. To tap into the power within and make their lives the best they can. By living in the present moment, living in the NOW.

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